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Maya Runes is part of the Mayastar Independent Lightworker Home Temple Ministry (Mayastar) | All work is carried out personally by Maya (Rev. Anna May) | Initiated 3rd Degree Gardnerian High Priestess & Witch Queen | Seidkona | Experienced Galdr Mage | Dedicated Priestess of the Northern Magickal Tradition | Shaman | Psychic & Clairvoyant | Indigo Lightworker | Inspired Channelling | Writer, Poet & Artist | Founder of the New Pre-Raphaelite Movement | Qualified Psychotherapist & Integrated Therapeutic Counsellor | Energy Healing Attunement Master/Teacher & Spiritual Facilitator |


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With specific regard to readings purchased through Maya Magickal Readings: Maya accepts no responsibility for any loss or damages resulting directly or indirectly from any work carried out on a client's behalf. Likewise, any advice provided to an inquirer or client is given as subjective and non-professional advice only and no guarantee of its validity, accuracy or correctness can be made. As such, the client/inquirer accepts full responsibility for their choices and actions in all matters. It is understood that these terms of use are accepted by the client/inquirer at first contact or on purchase.


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...individual, detailed and accurate psychic readings

by a skilled & experienced witch of the Northern Tradition...



Three Question Rune Reading

A general rune reading consists of a 9 rune casting and looks at the relevant forces at play with regard to your specific questions.  When you are phrasing your questions for this reading, please try to ask 'open' questions (ones that do not require a yes or no answer) in order that the runes can really 'speak' of the situation and give you as much insight and advice as possible.

For a more detailed understanding of the present you may wish to combine this reading with the general reading which can be bought by following this link...

Please allow up to 10 days for your reading to be completed and typed up.

Please provide your full name, date of birth and if possible a photograph (which is useful to use as a focus during the reading) by email after you purchase.  Send to:

A complimentary addition to your reading is available upon request: A dowsing session that will indicate recommended courses, spells, vigils, initiatory empowerments and so on; this aspect of the reading is available separately for an additional fee and uses a combination of divination and kinesiological principles to define the most accurate and comprehensive profile of this type.  This can be of great benefit for those looking for advice on what action is most appropriate to them at this time or for which courses are best indicated for their development.

3 Question Rune Reading: 60